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IntRenewInstRenew® Sharpening Assistant
It's like having another assistant in the office! Get professional results every time. The most precise sharpening assistant is faster & easier... InstRenew® does ALL the work and gives you exact angles EVERYTIME!
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Nordent Instrument Handles
Nordent offers a wide array of handles suiting every need and preference.

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Color Rings™ Handles
Our newest and most advanced ergonomic handle design! DuraLite ColorRings has the same large 3/8” (9.5 mm) diameter as our popular DuraLite Round design. The handle design has a more gradual taper from the tip to the grip so that your fingers are even more comfortable closer to the tip. In addition, we’ve extended the ControlRing grip by 50% to give you maximum slip-free gripping power over a larger portion of the handle. The handle has a gentle texture to reduce glare and is 100% stainless steel to make it easy to clean and sterilize by any method. The DuraLite ColorRing handle incorporates four color ring positions that are below the finger grip surface allowing you to better identify, organize and customize your instrumentation. Our innovative design makes customizing the DuraLite ColorRing handle simple and easy. With 14 Colors available...How will you color your world?

Single End HND630
Double End HND620

Color Rings
ColorRings come in 14 different colors and are available in single color packages of 48-rings. Use the item codes below to select your colors.