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Nordent TRUGracey


Our new and improved Gracey blades feature a true radius that conforms to the tooth anatomy better than any other brand. This means that TRUGracey curettes are easier to adapt, require fewer strokes, and reduce tissue trauma!

Nordent TRUGracey2021-02-10T13:51:17-06:00

ISO 13485:2016


Nordent continues to invest in quality and process improvement and achieves ISO: 14385 (Medical Devices) certification.

ISO 13485:20162022-06-23T16:51:20-05:00

ISO 9001


Nordent's longstanding focus on quality improvement is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 90012022-06-23T16:52:11-05:00



Continuing to innovate, Nordent launches the Instrenew Sharpening Assistant. Dental offices across the country gain the ability to sharpen their instruments in-house with the confidence and precision normally only found with professional sharpening.


Nordent Introduces the Scalette®


Nordent was the first instrument manufacturer to develop a series of hygiene instruments that combine the design characteristics of a scaler and a curette into one easier to use instrument. Using a Nordent Scalette will save time during the procedure, space on the tray and will reduce instrument replacement costs.

Nordent Introduces the Scalette®2021-02-25T12:07:35-06:00


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