Implant Maintenance

Introducing ImplaMate™—“The Ultimate in Implant Scaler Technology!” Until now, clinicians have relied on a limited selection of instruments with thick plastic tips to clean implants. This is because regular scaler tips made of metals that are dissimilar to titanium (like stainless steel) could scratch the implant and possibly cause rejection. Our series of ImplaMate scalers work safely with implants because they are made with the same material—solid titanium. Even better, ImplaMate scalers are available in a wide range of familiar patterns that are easy to adapt with no “learning curve.” Produced in our DuraLite ColorRings® handle, ImplaMate implant scalers will also enable your practice to identify and organize implant hygiene set-ups. All tips are color-coded PURPLE for easy identification and to avoid mixing them with stainless scalers and curettes.

“The Ultimate in Implant Scaler Technology!”

Nordent Hygiene Instruments

We offer the highest quality and the best value in the industry.

We use only the finest domestic high-carbon surgical stainless steels and a proprietary cryogenic hardening and tempering process to ensure long-lasting sharpness and durability. Each instrument is meticulously shaped and finished by expert craftsmen and 100% made in the USA!