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Next Generation Scalers and Curettes

Keep Everybody on the Cutting Edge!

XDURA is the hardest, sharpest, longest lasting scaler in the world…period! That means you can spend more time practicing and less time sharpening, you and your patients will be more comfortable throughout the procedure, and your office saves money by reducing replacement costs with the longest lasting scaler available. You deserve the best and so do your office and patients…

XDURA, the next generation of scalers and curettes!

XDURA stays sharp longer and is easy to sharpen!

Cutting Edge Scaler Technology

  • New high tech metallurgy advancements
  • Uniform particle distribution

Longest Lasting Scaler in The World

  • Spend more time treating patients
  • Save money with long lasting scalers
The advanced micro-structure of XDURA provides the longest lasting and sharpest edge possible!

Dependable Sharpness to The Core!
XDURA takes advantage of advancements in metallurgy and cryogenic hardening to produce a micro-structure not previously possible. All other scalers are made from stainless steels that have large, isolated carbide molecules. This is why hardness and wear resistance can be inconsistent. XDURA features extremely fine carbide particles that are evenly distributed throughout the micro-structure to provide you with a blade that is consistently harder, sharper and longer lasting than ANY other brand.


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