Why Pay For Sharpening?

Free yourself from in-office sharpening

  • Spend more time treating patients
  • Perfectly sharpened instruments anytime

Worry-free, total solution

  • Fast, easy, and convenient system
  • Save more money with Relyant trade-in program

FREE unlimited professional sharpening for life.

This means you can send them to Nordent for sharpening whenever you want and as often as you want. With our guaranteed speedy service, your Relyant ® instruments will be sharpened and ready to ship out as soon as humanly possible!

Sharp instruments are critical in providing quality patient care, so Nordent is making instrument maintenance hassle-free and removing one more thing from your busy “to-do” list.

To take advantage of this wonderful service, simply contact Nordent and request a free shipping kit. The shipping kit contains everything you’ll need: foam padded box, forms, and prepaid UPS labels.

When you are ready to get your instruments sharpened, just put them into the padded box, fill out the short form and affix the UPS label. Once the shipment is received at Nordent, the instruments will be sharpened by the instrument craftsmen and shipped out ASAP. It couldn’t be easier!

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you’ll never sharpen again!