• Combines a contra-angled anterior hoe and a contra-angled spoon into one instrument that easily removes stain from anterior lingual surfaces. The hoe has a 2 mm blade width and makes it easy to push back the sulcus as you scale along the gum-line. The spoon has a 2 mm diameter blade that easily adapts to the concavities and grooves of the upper lingual anatomy.
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    CENSALSRXDURA®DURALite® ColorRings™$49.95
    CESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCALSRNordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCALSRNordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Mirror image with 1.5 mm blades that are set on 12 mm long shanks that are angled at 35° for posterior application.
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    CESCOR8-9Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCOR8-9Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCOR8-9Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCOR8-9Nordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCOR8-9Nordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Mirror image with 1.5 mm blades that are set on 12 mm long shanks that are angled at 35° for anterior application.
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    CESCOR6-7Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCOR6-7Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCOR6-7Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCOR6-7Nordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCOR6-7Nordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Sickle / Hoe N1-#48

    Combines a small size, medium-reach length sickle that has a 0.8 mm blade width that tapers to a point with a long reach, contra-angle spoon that has a blade diameter of 2 mm for anterior lingual surfaces.
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    CENSN1-48XDURA®DURALite® ColorRings™$49.95
    RENSN1-48XDURA®DURALite® ROUND$49.95
    CESCN1-48Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCN1-48Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCN1-48Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCN1-48Nordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCN1-48Nordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Cumine #152

    Large spoon end for stain removal with a sickle for supragingival scaling.
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    CESCCUMINENordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCCUMINENordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCCUMINENordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCCUMINENordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCCUMINENordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Contra-Angle #45A-46A Contra-Angle #45A-46A
    Mirror image hoes that have opposing 10° cutting edge angles across the 2.5 mm blades that are set on contra-angle shanks.
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    CESC45A-46ANordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESC45A-46ANordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESC45A-46ANordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSC45A-46ANordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SC45A-46ANordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
  • Contra Angle Hoe #47

    Combines the moderate size, medium reach N5 sickle that has a blade width of 0.9 mm that tapers to a point with a medium contra-angle hoe that has a blade width of 2.5 mm. For moderate to heavier use.
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    CENSN5-47XDURA®DURALite® ColorRings™$49.95
    RENSN5-47XDURA®DURALite® ROUND$49.95
    CESCN5-47Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$40.74
    RESCN5-47Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$40.74
    ESCN5-47Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$40.74
    RSCN5-47Nordent® SignatureMedium$40.74
    SCN5-47Nordent® SignatureStandard$40.74
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