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Goldman Fox #21 Anterior Scaler

Combines a small Jacquette that has a 3.5 mm length and a small sickle that has a 1.2 mm blade that tapers to a point. The Goldman-Fox series of instruments includes universal curettes, Jacquettes, sickles and hoes.

ImageSKUBrand OptionsHandle OptionsMSRPBuy
CESCGF21Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$38.80
RESCGF21Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$38.80
ESCGF21Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$38.80
RSCGF21Nordent® SignatureMedium$38.80
SCGF21Nordent® SignatureStandard$38.00
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