Sickle / Spoon N5-N1

Combines the standard N5 sickle that has a 0.9 mm blade width that tapers to a point with a long reach contraangle spoon blade hoe that has a blade diameter of 2 mm for anterior lingual surfaces.

ImageSKUBrand OptionsHandle OptionsMSRPBuy
CENSN5-N1XDURA®DURALite® ColorRings™$49.95
CESCN5-N1Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$38.80
RESCN5-N1Nordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$38.80
ESCN5-N1Nordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$38.80
RSCN5-N1Nordent® SignatureMedium$38.80
SCN5-N1Nordent® SignatureStandard$38.00
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