Trade-In Program

Is it time to replace your XDURA or Relyant Scalers & Curettes?

Once your XDURA or Relyant instrument is too thin to be sharpened, trade it in for a generous 30% discount on a new one. We’ll bill your office through your local dealer. There’s no need to worry about their disposal, we will ensure they are recycled responsibly.

Contact Nordent customer service at 800.966.7336, 847.437.4780, or to learn more.

Trade-In applies only to XDURA or Relyant Scalers & Curettes

Sharpen Recycle Renew
“I know the sharpening is being done by a professional and that it will be done correctly. It also frees my time to do other things in the office.”-Trina RDH, Dothan, AL

XDURA and Relyant program details apply to U.S. customers. For information about XDURA or Relyant in your country, please contact Nordent Customer Service.