Nordent is Celebrating Our Hygiene Heroes

In the midst of the current pandemic Nordent wanted a way to pay it forward to all practicing hygienists. With the decrease in ultrasonic usage due to the dangers of aerosols and the constant changes in recommendations, Nordent set out to make dental hygiene simpler.  Our close relationship with the dental community allowed Nordent the opportunity to show their deep respect and admiration for hygienists by creating HYGIENE HERO kits. 

With a constant goal to make hygiene appointments safe, productive and streamlined these HYGIENE HERO kits create a system for excellence.  Nordent hygiene instruments offer the highest quality and best value in the industry and the new kit comes complete with the Concierge Cassette® for safety during treatment and sterilization.  We use only the finest domestic high-carbon surgical stainless steels and a proprietary cryogenic hardening and tempering process to ensure long-lasting sharpness and durability. Each instrument is meticulously shaped and finished by expert craftsmen and 100% made in the USA!

Nordent chose these instruments as they are the most popular among hygienists.  Diagnostic mirror, explorer and probe along with two scalers and a curette for all-around excellent patient care.  The NMJ offset Sickle Scaler was added to increase versatility with its wider curve allowing for increased distal use. The Barnhart #5-6 with its longer terminal shank gives better reach to the posterior and slides into deeper pockets with its thinner blade and rounded toe.  The 204S Posterior Sickle has long been a fan favorite for its adaptability in multiple uses.

The HYGIENE HERO kits are available in both Relyant® and XDURA® options.  Relyant option includes our signature stainless steel, long lasting instruments.  XDURA is our premium line of the hardest, sharpest, longest lasting tips in the world!  Either option is nestled in our Concierge Cassette for increased safety and use. 

Dental hygiene instrument kit
Xdura Hygiene Hero Kit

Our Concierge Cassette is like nothing you have used before.  We can safely place more instruments in a smaller cassette to allow more cassettes to fit in the sterilizer per load. We have a proprietary Snap-IN-Silicone rail to firmly keep instruments in place until ready for use.  No more instruments rolling around or worry about which direction to open the cassette.  Even upside down your instruments remain safely cushioned in the silicone rails.  No longer will your instruments lay on top but now will be safely secured snapping into the silicone rails. 

The Concierge Cassette was designed to be used directly for patient treatment.  They are double sided with no bars or clasps for one handed retrieval and return.  As if that alone wasn’t enough, the Snap-IN-Silicone™ rails design assures the least amount of silicone in contact with your instrument while still guaranteeing no movement.  This means your tips remain safe and protected while water used in sterilization is unable to pool and cause corrosion.  Excellent cassettes like the Concierge protect your investment.  Simple to use, professional in appearance and a 5-year unconditional guarantee.

These compact HYGIENE HERO kits come complete with our FREE SHARPENING for LIFE program!  This program includes truly, completely free, unlimited professional sharpening for the life of the instrument.  We also offer a trade in program on all Relyant and XDURA scalers and curettes with a 30% discount on identical instruments. 

Our Dental Hygiene Heroes continue caring for patients during this global pandemic knowing that oral health contributes to systemic health.  We at Nordent strive to do our best to make your job easier.  We know that increased hand scaling and root planning means you need the best and sharpest instruments in hand and enough to get through your day. 

We have 2 discounted options available for you.

Option 1 is our Relyant Hygiene Hero Kit which features all your favorite exam and hygiene instruments along with our double-sided cassette for only $249.48!

Option 2 is our XDURA Hygiene Hero Kit which features all the same instruments and cassette but the XDURA scalers and curettes are made with new technology stainless steel and stay sharper longer for only $271.41.

Contact us and let our friendly customer service team help you place your order today!