About Nordent


For more than 50 years, Nordent has been providing innovative products and solutions, designed for real practitioners working in the real world. Our craftsmen are dedicated to uncompromising quality and take great pride in producing the finest instruments for you, right here in the USA. With Nordent you are assured of practical solutions, superior products, and a commitment to those who matter most—our customers.


Handcrafting Nordent instruments requires tireless discipline, precision, and care. The result is delivering instruments with exceptional, long-lasting, and dependable performance. By combining a highly skilled workforce, a modern manufacturing facility in suburban Chicago and only the finest US domestic high carbon stainless steel, Nordent has earned a reputation for products that define quality, comfort, and performance.


Here at Nordent, our business is much more than merely supplying superior quality instruments. We understand delivering exceptional value demands dedicated customer service as well. Our “whatever it takes” attitude is our pledge to being not just your instrument supplier, but also a trusted advisor dedicated to helping you grow your business. Depend on friendly and responsive service that exceeds your expectations.


Over the years, Nordent many innovations have become industry standards. These include our DuraLite® and DuraLite ColorRings® handle designs to the InstRenew® Sharpening Assistant and multiple unique instrument patterns. The Nordent R&D team focuses on the unique needs of the dental community and develops products that bring excellence to their practices and value to their businesses.

To learn more about Nordent, visit Our History, Dealer Network, and Warranty pages.

Peter Martin (founder, center) with sons Rich Martin (left) and Joe Martin (right)
Brandea Kalal, customer service manger (left) and Jim Kaplan, Nordent sales representative (right)
Tim Irwin, Vice President (left) and Joe Boris, Nordent sales representative (right)