Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered.

Most offices send their instruments in for sharpening every 2-3 months. You determine the schedule that works best for your office. The more frequently you sharpen your instruments, the better off you are. Send your XDURA or Relyant instruments in for FREE Sharpening as often as you like. The best thing to do is determine a regular schedule that works best for your office and stick to it.

Great. The best thing you can do is sharpen your instruments on a frequent, regular schedule in your office. Many people that regularly sharpen their instruments in the office, send them to Nordent for Professional Sharpening once or twice per year to have the original blade surfaces and angles re-established. Whether you sharpen your XDURA or Relyant Instruments yourself or send them to Nordent for Free Professional Sharpening, you can still take advantage of the great trade-in offer.

You can trade in your XDURA or Relyant Instrument for a brand new one of the same pattern at a 20% discount at any time. Nordent will bill your office through your local dealer.

Your Trade In instrument comes with FREE, unlimited, professional sharpening.

When your Trade-In instrument is worn out, you can trade it in for a brand new instrument of the same pattern at the discounted Trade In price.

How many times any scaler or curette can be sharpened depends on many variables, including how many uses since the last sharpening, the severity of the office patient load, etc. In general, the more dull or rounded the cutting edge is, the more material the craftsmen will need to remove to achieve a sharp edge. With all conditions being average, your Relyant instruments should last you between 6 and 18 months (depending on your patient population) before becoming too thin, and your XDURA instruments will last about 50% longer.

Only a XDURA or Relyant instrument can be traded in to receive the discounted price.

XDURA or Relyant instruments can be included in the Nordent New Practice Set Up Order Special.

Most offices that use the free sharpening system keep about 4 additional kits in reserve per hygienist, then send 4 or 5 kits per hygienist in for sharpening at a time. However, this is completely adjustable to the needs of each office. Keep 3 additional kits and send 3 or 4 kits for sharpening at a time. Keep 2 additional kits and send 2 or 3 kits for sharpening at a time. You decide what works best for you.

All instruments are typically inspected, sharpened and shipped back to your office within 5 days after receipt. Shipping time will depend on your location within the contiguous US.

Of course! Nordent has had a Professional Sharpening Service for over 50 years. We sharpen all brands and patterns of scalers and curettes. Download the Complete Professional Sharpening Pricelist here.

Your local dealer has a complete selection of all of your favorite XDURA and Relyant patterns. You can set up a virtual instrument consultation with one of our instrument experts if you would like to learn more about any specific patterns.

We were very impressed with how quick and efficient our instruments were sharpened and returned back to our office. The customer service has been excellent with answering all our questions. Thank you!

Allison Bedeman, RDH, Bay Village, OH

I truly don’t like to sharpen my hygiene instruments. This program is so convenient and the sharpening is perfect. They are shipped back after the sharpening! It’s great.

Denise Forlano, RDH, Manalapan Township, NJ
I hate sharpening my own instruments. I like the fact that when I send them back to Nordent they will be sharpened properly and they will be checked for any weakness in the tips and handles. Sharp instruments are a very important component to my overall physical health and well being too. They help me be more ergonomic when I am working on my patients and help me avoid injury to myself and patients.
Carla, RDH , Fort Worth, TX

We love the convenience! Being part of a busy dental practice doesn’t allow much time for sharpening, but we realize we are more efficient when the hygienists have sharp instruments. Nordent has allowed us to be better hygienists.

Kari Mills, RDH, Port Huron, MI

Being able to keep our hygiene instruments sharp is imperative. It’s impossible to be an effective hygienist with a dull instrument. I highly recommend your instruments specifically, Xdura, to every dental office. I will never use any other brand between the cost, time needed between sharpening and your free sharpening service. Nordent is by far better than any other brand of instruments on the market.

Leesa Engel, RDH, Wyckoff, NJ

I never have to worry about using a dull instrument ever again!

Brandi, RDH, Bartlett, TN

My hygienists are busy treating patients. I don’t want their time spent sharpening instruments. Nordent’s program returns our instruments professionally sharpened like new usually 1 week from the day that I drop them with UPS. Keeping the hygienists happy makes my life easier. Thanks!

Dr. Philip , Joliet, IL

Our office loves this program! We never took enough time to sharpen because of our busy schedules. Plus we know they’re being sharpened by professionals! The turnaround is super fast and when we get them back they’re super sharp!! Nothing better than scaling with instruments that feel NEW!

Holly, RDH, Weirton, WV

They provide us with the guarantee to work with sharp instruments while using their brand. They have a quick week turnaround time so we are never left without instruments for a long period of time. It’s always nice to see a company stand behind their products.

Victoria, RDH, Charlotte, NC

It gives me piece of mind that our instruments are being sharpened and maintained correctly. Also, in a busy practice, who actually has time to sharpen?! We send them off on our breaks. Whenever we’ve had an issue the with order or the timely return, the staff has always given 100% to help us out.

Breann, RDH, Columbus, IN

It standardizes how they are sharpened for all hygienists and takes away the guesswork. It’s nice to know the job is being handled and handles correctly. Also, we just use the sickles and the curettes from your company.

Nikki Turnbull, RDH, Lincolnton, GA

My instruments last longer and perform better than when I hand sharpened. I’m also more comfortable knowing that someone has inspected the instruments.

Melinda, RDH, Greensburg, PA

Several times a year all our instruments are sharpened correctly, and one instrument is not missed or forgotten if staff is sharpening in the office. Your service is quick, efficient, and makes aware of instruments that need replacements or repair.

Jason, DDS , Crowley, TX

It makes my work experience superior! Sharp instruments = Improved patient comfort!

Andrea, RDH, Rome, GA

I know that my instruments will always be sharp! With the help of Nordent, I have more time to concentrate on patient care and do not have to try to find time to sharpen. The Relyant program provides sharpening with a quick turn-around! Our office will only order Relyant instruments from now on. Thank you Nordent!

Jackie, RDH, Elk Grove Village, IL

It makes scaling and planing so much more efficient and less fatigue on hands. Nordent are the best scalers I have used and I have been a hygienist for 25 years!

Dr. Richard A. Heide, DDS, Eastchester, NY

The process is so simple. I just box my sterile instruments and send them in. The box and shipping label are always provided and turnaround time is nothing! Being able to depend on someone else takes a big weight off of the hygienists in our office. We don’t have to set aside valuable patient time and our instruments are always sharp for efficient scaling.

Cassandra, RDH, Bowling Green, KY

I absolutely love this program. Sharpening instruments for me was such a hassle. I would usually end up changing the shape of the instrument, which then led to buying new instruments. It is so nice to send instruments off and they come back sharp. Thank you so much for this program.

April Knight, RDH, Barnesville, GA

The hygienists in the office always have sharp instruments. Easier on them and our patients.

Peter, DDS , Peotone, IL

The hygienists in our office always have sharp instruments. Rx for staying sharp program offers convenient ship/return for instruments. Using sharp instruments decreases hand fatigue, burnished calculus, and patient discomfort.

Zachary, DDS , Waco, TX

XDURA and Relyant program details apply to U.S. customers. For information about XDURA or Relyant in your country, please contact Nordent Customer Service.