Concierge Sharpening Program Membership

Keeping your instruments sharp is easier than ever!

Nordent has you covered with our fast in-house Concierge Sharpening Program (CSP). This membership will send helpful reminders and even FREE protective packaging for shipping. Increase your availability and make cleanings faster by sending us your instruments for sharpening.

Member Benefits

Sign up and receive all these benefits for only $159 a year.

($195 Value)

CSP membership includes your choice of any 3 XDURA® scalers and/or curettes, making your net program cost FREE. Pick your 3 favorites and we’ll ship them out.

($180 Value)

Keep your instruments sharp with FREE UPS Ground shipping

(up to 6 times per year).

($300 Value)

CSP membership keeps all your XDURA® and Relyant® instruments sharp for FREE. In addition, Nordent will sharpen up to 50 other (any brand) scalers or curettes FREE of charge.


Upgrade your scalers and currettes to XDURA or Relyant. CSP Membership allows you to trade in any 12 scalers or curettes (even competitor’s products) and buy any 12 XDURA and Relyant instruments at 20% off retail pricing.

Click the image below to view or download the full brochure:
Concierge Sharpening Program Membership (Click for PDF)