A Symphony of Dental Instruments

Like the very best orchestra who delivers a magnificent symphony, Nordent Manufacturing creates the most excellent experience for dental practitioners with a crescendo of instrumentation options. If you have ever attended the performance of a symphony, you can easily relate that Dental Instruments share several common characteristics.  Precision, perfection, variety, and exceptional execution garners Nordent Manufacturing top ratings from clinicians around the world.

As the conductor and orchestra all work in unison to create an exceptional symphony down to the smallest details, a surprisingly similar and equally complex process takes place to manufacture dental instruments.  Just as one is moved by a great orchestral performance, we want your overall dental instrument experience to be equally flawless. Nordent delivers the entire first-class experience from start to finish.

From the moment you enter the symphony your senses are awakened to the experience. The moment your hand grasps that Nordent Instrument your senses begin to take in the exceptional quality. The tactile response of the DuraLite® handle, the razor sharp feel of the proprietary XDURA® steel blade against enamel, the satisfying ease with which the calculus releases from the surface with each stroke.

For more than 50 years, Nordent has been providing innovative products and solutions, designed for real practitioners working in the real world.  Our craftsmen take great pride in producing the finest instruments for you, right here in the USA.  With Nordent you are assured practical solutions, superior products, and commitment to those who matter most- our customers.

“The word symphōnia was used by the Greeks in reference to notes sounding together in harmony and by extension meant an “ensemble” or “band” rather than a musical form. The word implies a pleasant concord of different notes and has been used in fields other than music to denote a pleasing combination of various elements.1” For a dental practitioner the most pleasing combination of feel, sight, and design is found in the Nordent Manufacturing Dental Instrument Catalog. It is like vision overload as you gaze through all the Instrument options. A veritable wealth of joy in a stunning array of patterns (both familiar, and new) all there waiting to join your procedure kit and serve at your pleasure.

At Nordent, we know that creating something exquisite is all about the details. This goes well beyond just the sound of the music or the feel of your Nordent Instrument. We have matched your personal aesthetic to your most desired dental outcome. You might not realize at first touch how much Nordent Instruments improve your day to day patient flow, but your body will feel the effects of the ergonomic design. Speaking of ergonomics, Nordent developed the very first ergonomic instrument handle back in 1985. Long before ergonomics became commonplace in the industry, Nordent realized that larger dimension handles created a better grip and better adaptation in the mouth. Over the years, Nordent Instruments have decrease hand fatigue thereby extending the career of thousands of dental practitioners.

Immersing yourself in the sounds of the symphony compels you to sit back and enjoy the experience, content in the knowledge that you have just experienced perfection in the same way sliding open the smooth Concierge Custom Cassette® of Nordent Instruments does. Our Concierge Custom Cassette is like nothing you have used before.  The patented Snap-IN-Silicone™ rail firmly keeps instruments in place until ready for use.  No more instruments rolling away or worry about which direction to open the cassette.  Even if held upside-down your instruments remain safely cushioned in the silicone rails.  No longer will your instruments dangerously lay on top of the cassette rails ready to be knocked on the floor by the slightest bump, but now will be safely secured chairside snapping into the silicone rails. 

The Concierge Custom Cassette was designed to be used directly for patient treatment. They are double sided for enhanced kit capacity, but without the bulky and difficult to use bars that are found on other cassettes.  As if this elegant design alone was not enough, the Snap-IN-Silicone™ rails ensure the least amount of silicone in contact with your instrument while still guaranteeing no movement. This means your tips remain safe and protected while water used in sterilization is unable to pool and cause corrosion. The Concierge Custom Cassette was specifically designed to both protect your investment and improve office production. Simple to use, professional in appearance and a 5-year unconditional guarantee.

A favorite symphony is truly music to the ears as is the glorious sound of a Nordent scaler or curette working its magic on calculus. While the instrument quality is felt in the clinicians’ hand, your patients’ experience will make your technical skills revered by all.

The harmonious balance of our Nordent instrument rounds out a perfectly delivered dental appointment.  You choose between classical and modern instrument styles to create your own perfect vision knowing that many prime choices exist.  Try them all and see their long lasting, high quality, vast array from Hygiene, Diagnostics, Restorative, Surgical and Orthodontic options.

The spot on attention to detail that Nordent puts into our instruments is a rare find, and our customer service is impeccable.  We value you and take great pride in delivering the best. Knowing Nordent instruments were conceived and fabricated in the United States will certainly add to your pride in choosing us to be your Instrument of choice. We certainly hope our Nordent premier experience might just change your work life and add some harmony to your day.

  1. Libin, Laurence Elliot. “Symphony.” Encyclopedia Britannica, July 24, 2020. URL https://www.britannica.com/art/symphony-music