Why Premium Instruments Are Worth Every Penny

Nordent, with over 50 years’ experience manufacturing high quality dental instruments, has the vision and drive to lead the industry toward instrument perfection. We know you depend on your instruments to deliver exceptional quality care to your patients and we stand behind our products with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We also know that providing the best takes time, expertise, and the highest quality materials, all of which comes at a premium price.

To produce a superior instrument, you must start with a superior stainless-steel recipe. Nordent uses a high chromium and high nickel content recipe to increase corrosion resistance during the sterilization process. Our high carbon content specifications allow the tip to stay sharp longer and increase life of the instrument tip after the hardening process. Nordent is constantly striving to fabricate the longest lasting instrument, resulting in fewer purchases and saving you valuable dollars over time.

The first cost component is the steel used in an instrument tip, which equates to the bulk of the instrument cost, and the stainless steel Nordent has chosen is an uncommon and extremely specific grade of steel. These raw materials alone, domestically manufactured by a local partner of over 35 years to guarantee an exact duplication with each batch, come at quite a price. There are certainly cheaper alternatives, but none can offer the same longevity, tactile sensitivity, and performance.

The second cost component is in the cryogenic hardening and tempering process. This hardening is done in a vacuum furnace with a triple tempering process requiring highly controlled heating and cooling techniques. This lengthy process can take up to two weeks to complete, giving overall strength to the instrument. Cryogenically hardened instruments will hold their edge allowing for longer use. We all know that time is money and this process to give instruments their strength is quite lengthy, but the end results mean you will save money with instruments that last longer and perform more efficiently.

A large infrastructure is required in the creation of these raw materials, and the overall electrical system effects the steel being produced. The steel mill needs consistent, extremely specific temperature controls to process perfect raw materials. Meaning the process is so sensitive, the same exact recipe may not create the same exact product if there is a deviation in temperature, which could lessen the quality of the instrument. This is precisely why Nordent chooses to manufacture locally in the United States, using the only best, most advanced materials and processes to guarantee excellence far beyond what low-cost manufacturers can produce.

The third cost component of each dental instrument is the craftsmanship. This step in the production process is when the craftsmen finish an instrument by establishing the cutting edge. The duration of the apprenticeship program for highly skilled individuals to develop this extraordinary skill set at Nordent is ten years. For this reason, instrument craftsmen are, deservedly, the highest paid individuals. You are paying for their precision, knowledge, and remarkable hand skills. If you think about it, isn’t that precisely what your patients want from you?

Less costly dental instruments will reduce the cost of the tip by using a low grade of steel, inefficient hardening methods and placing much less investment in their craftsmen. Lower quality, inferior instruments will tend to be bulky, have less consistent angles and thicker blades. These instruments will have a shortened lifespan, more bending, more breakage and need increased frequency of sharpening causing even more wear on the instrument, as well as more hand fatigue and potential patient tissue trauma.

Long-term it costs more out of pocket to purchase cheap instruments because of increased replacement costs and lost production time due to increased sharpening needs. Clearly purchasing the best, high quality, 100% lifetime guaranteed Nordent instruments saves time, money and effort over the lifetime of the instrument.

Nordent is continuously improving and reinventing to bring you the absolute best design and innovation ensuring that you are getting all the technological advances for your expenditure. We now offer XDURA®, a new stainless steel, a completely different formulation that allows carbon to be evenly distributed throughout the blade. This advancement in metallurgy and cryogenic hardening creates a more consistent blade hardness, making the XDURA instrument stay sharp 50% longer. There is only one steel mill that can manufacture this exceptionally advanced raw material but Nordent understands the worth of excellence in our dental practitioners’ hands.

Nordent innovation is clear; we were the first manufacturer to combine a scaler and curette into one versatile instrument that allows you to save space in your cassette and reduce overall instrument costs. Our hollow, glare resistant handles, are super lightweight, comfortable and provide a secure grip while reducing hand fatigue. Most recently we introduced the hardest, sharpest, longest lasting scalers with a smooth clean cutting edge to provide advanced care and preserve tooth structure.

We understand your concerns about ergonomics and career longevity, as well as your desire to use only the best and longest lasting instruments. This is the reason we only provide instruments that are hand crafted to perfection, with less breakage, increased tensile strength and flexibility, and free sharpening for the life of the instrument.

Instruments are an investment in your career, and as your instrument provider, we take great pride in your partnership and trust.