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Anterior Lingual Stain Remover (ALSR)

Combines a contra-angled anterior hoe and a contra-angled spoon into one instrument that easily removes stain from anterior lingual surfaces. The hoe has a 2 mm blade width and makes it easy to push back the sulcus as you scale along the gum-line. The spoon has a 2 mm diameter blade that easily adapts to the concavities and grooves of the upper lingual anatomy.

ImageSKUBrand OptionsHandle OptionsMSRPBuy
CENSALSRXDURA®DURALite® ColorRings™$49.95
CESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$38.80
RESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$38.80
ESCALSRNordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$38.80
RSCALSRNordent® SignatureMedium$38.80
SCALSRNordent® SignatureStandard$38.00
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