Gracey #1-2 Rigid

Short contra-angle for incisors and cuspids. Terminal shank reach is 11 mm. Nordent Rigid Gracey curettes feature a rigid shank and a longer reach blade and are well-suited to periodontal and surgical application. Nordent Rigid Gracey curettes have a 1.3 mm terminal shank diameter and blades that are 0.9 mm wide and 6 mm long.

ImageSKUBrand OptionsHandle OptionsMSRPBuy
CESCG1R-2RNordent® SignatureDURALite® ColorRings™$38.80
RESCG1R-2RNordent® SignatureDURALite® ROUND$38.80
ESCG1R-2RNordent® SignatureDURALite® Hex$38.80
RSCG1R-2RNordent® SignatureMedium$38.80
SCG1R-2RNordent® SignatureStandard$38.00
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