Sickle #204S (Implant Maintenance) – ImplaMate® – DuraLite® ColorRings

Mirror image blades on a short-reach terminal shank that is set at 40° to the handle. The blades have a reach of 4.5 mm and a width of 0.9 mm. Featuring our DuraLite® ColorRings™ Handle, additional handle options are shown below.


DuraLite® ColorRings™



Free Sharpening:






  • The DuraLite® ColorRings™ handle has the same large 3/8” (9.5 mm) diameter as our popular DuraLite Round design. The handle design has a more gradual taper from the tip to the grip so that your fingers are even more comfortable closer to the tip. In addition, we’ve extended the ControlRings grip by 50% to give you maximum slip-free gripping power over a larger portion of the handle. The handle has a gentle texture to reduce glare and is 100% stainless steel to make it easy to clean and sterilize by any method. The DuraLite® ColorRings™ handle incorporates four color ring positions that are below the finger grip surface allowing you to better identify, organize and customize your instrumentation. Our innovative design makes customizing the DuraLite® ColorRings™ handle simple and easy.
  • ImplaMate® tips are made from pure surgical-grade titanium, which provides the safest and most efficient method of implant maintenance.
  • Implant scalers do not require regular sharpening.
  • Our ImplaMate® implant scalers are best suited for offices that need to upgrade their implant maintenance tp something that is both safe and effective.


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